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I frowned at Herb, then located a patch of dry beige carpeting and knelt next to the corpse, careful not to stain my heels or pants. The victim was named Edward Wyatt, and this was his house. He was Caucasian, 67 years old, and as dead as dead can be. The smell wasn’t too bad—this was a fresh one—but the wake would definitely be a closed casket. ” “Unremarkable star-configuration, arcing away from the nexus of the body in all directions. Droplets coating the walls and ceiling. 51 Notice the double pattern—see the large spot here, next to the body?

He let the recording play. “However,” Wyatt went on, “all good mysteries have a sense of closure. With me dead, and my helper gone, how will you know if you’ve figured out everything? There’s a way. If you’re a sharpie, and you’ve found all the clues, there will be confirmation. Good luck.

If Artie was more psychotic than I guessed, he could easily kill me right there, and I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop him. I lied about having a partner, and the line about his street rep was just ego stroking. I braced myself, deciding to go for the guy on the left first. “One more thing, Mystery Man,” Artie said to my back. ” I turned around, gave Artie my cold stare. ” 43 His eyes drilled into me. They no longer held any amusement. They were the dark, hard eyes of a man who has killed many people, who has done awful things.

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