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The second point of origin for the new progressivism is the New Left—the campus-based movement of the 1960s and 1970s—and it is here that Mills’ influence is very strongly felt. The period from approximately 1957—marked by the emergence of a politically viable and newly radicalized civil rights movement—through 1980— marked by the Iranian hostage crisis—was one of tremendous social and political upheaval in the United States. It was a period of great mass movements and of broad-scale political activism, especially, though by no means exclusively, on the campuses of the nation’s colleges and universities.

The recipients of this largesse included, among many others: r Alliance for Global Justice—to support the Mobilization for Global Jus- tice, which played a central role in mounting demonstrations in Seattle and Washington against corporate globalization r The Rainforest Action Network, a leading environmental antagonist of corporations such as Conoco, Freeport-McMoRan, Georgia Pacific, Home Depot, Kimberley Clark, and Mitsubishi r Friends of the Earth, for its genetically altered foods initiative 2.

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