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By Dean L. Overman

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Even if Jesus was once relatively the Son of God or now not is a important query for Christians-and one who has provoked heated debate because the time of Jesus' delivery. Dean L. Overman examines the earliest Christian documents to construct a compelling case for the divinity of Jesus. Addressing questions raised through books equivalent to Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus and Elaine Pagels' The Gnostic Gospels, Overman builds a gently reasoned case for Jesus really being the Son of God.

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Frequent use of the relative pronoun hos (“who”) to begin passages, 5. contextual dislocations, which may be either poetic material breaking into a prose section or doctrinal material breaking into an ethical section or both, 13 A CASE FOR THE DIVINITY OF JESUS 6. continuance of a portion after its content has ceased to be relevant to its immediate context, and 7. affirmation of a basic Christian conviction, which usually has to do with the work or person of Jesus Christ. Several of these criteria also apply to the identification of confessions that are not poetic in nature.

The Christian assertion of the incarnation is an unparalleled claim among the world religions; no other religious figure in a world religion is alleged to have claimed to be God in human form. There is simply no parallel in any other religion. Confucius and Buddha made no such claim; they promoted ethical systems of behavior. Mohammed would have been appalled at any reference to himself as divine; Islam’s principle creed is that Allah is one. Judaism views such a claim as blasphemous. My study also turns to an inquiry into the alleged resurrection of Jesus.

4 The best-selling book The Da Vinci Code presents a flawed perspective that gnostic “Christianity” regarded Jesus as merely human. Dan 4 CHAPTER 1 Brown, the author of the book, admits that it is only a novel, not a historical writing. I will not discuss the multiple historical errors contained in the book, but I will discuss the scholarly work that gave birth to this fiction. According to his book, his thesis depends primarily on the validity of the supposedly suppressed gnostic gospels. I will discuss the gnostic gospels, their dating, and their contents more thoroughly in chapter 7, but for present purposes, I merely wish to note Dan Brown incorrectly interprets the gnostic gospels as describing a form of psilanthropism (a belief that Jesus was only human).

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