Sherryl Woods's A Chesapeake Shores Christmas PDF

By Sherryl Woods

ISBN-10: 077832852X

ISBN-13: 9780778328520

After years aside, Mick and Megan O'Brien are ultimately able to make it official…again. so much in their grown teenagers could not be happier approximately their rekindled love and coming near near marriage this vacation season. basically Connor is a holdout. pushed to develop into a divorce lawyer after what he perspectives as his mother's abandonment in their relatives, Connor's now not approximately to provide his blessing to this reunion romance.The very last thing Megan desires to do is harm her relatives back. in any case, is she rather yes she and Mick could make it this time round? And whilst an unforeseen supply factors chaos, it kind of feels just a miracle can reunite this family members. after all, it really is Christmas—the season of miracles.

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You never know, young man. ” “Far from it,” Mick said, shaking his head. He wondered if Nell O’Brien would ever stop surprising him. He had a hunch if she had her way, there might be a few more shocks in store. Even though they’d managed to get through dinner, Megan wasn’t deluding herself that anything between her and Connor was truly settled. Once again, he’d resorted to the kind of civility that had fooled all of them into believing he’d weathered the divorce without scars. Now that she knew otherwise, she’d be more attuned to the hostility that seethed just beneath the surface.

I went to a rehearsal the other night and the kids are absolutely precious, Mom. ” “I’m sure they are,” Megan said distractedly. “What about Jess? Is she okay? ” “Business at the inn is booming. Jess is doing a fantastic job. ” “Kevin and Shanna, they’re okay? ” “Mother, I can’t speak for every single person in Chesapeake Shores, but all of the O’Briens are just fine,” Abby said, apparently losing patience with Megan’s persistent, probing questions. “Now I need to go. I promised Carrie and Caitlyn I’d take them into town to see the decorations today.

He nodded. ” “Oh, dear,” Megan said. ” “Don’t fret too much. She seems to think it will improve her social life,” Mick said, clearly disgruntled. “She said something about having privacy for her gentlemen callers. ” Megan chuckled. “Maybe that’s the point,” she suggested. ” He shuddered. “She’s probably right. ” “I think it would be sweet for her to have someone special in her life,” Megan said thoughtfully. “Look at all the years she’s sacrificed her own needs to take care of our family. ” “I suppose.

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