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As a result energy is provided and simple substances, which can be assimilated by the organisms, are produced. In relatively few instances the opposite process occurs, that of building-up or synthesis. This activity is an important property of certain of the soil bacteria, which are able to fix and utilize the atmospheric nitrogen. The process of fermentation waß considered to be purely chemical until the ingenious and conclusive experiments of Pasteur, whereby the rôle played by the bacteria was decisively demonstrated.

This is termed antagonism. An illustration of this is the inhibition of the growth of the gonococcus by Ps. pyocyanea and the interference by staphylococci with the multiplication of the diphtheria bacilli. This antagonism may be due to a struggle for food between the two bacteria or to the production in the medium by one organism of substances injurious to the other. CHAPTER VI THE DESTRUCTION OF BACTERIA THE initial experiments of Lister and his subsequent introduction of antiseptic surgery directed attention to the practical importance of bacterial destruction.

This may take several months or only a few days and depends largely on the production in the medium of substances MEDIA 72 96 120 144 168 192 TIME IN HOURS FIG, 10. ) injurious to the bacteria. This is illustrated by the different curves obtained by growing an organism which ferments glucose, Bad. aertrycke, in peptone water and peptone water plus 2 per cent, glucose (Fig. 10). The peptone culture shows a relatively slow logarithmic phase and prolonged stationary and decline phases, whereas when glucose is added to the medium there is a rapid increase in the viable count and a correspondingly rapid decline.

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