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By Allen T Chwang, Michelle H Teng, Daniel T Valentine

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This quantity offers forty unique papers on fresh advances in numerous subject matters in engineering mechanics awarded on the Theodore Y-T Wu Symposium on Engineering Mechanics: a party of Professor Wu's medical contributions for his eightieth birthday. the prestigious participants comprise a number of participants of the nationwide Academy of Engineers and the themes hide nonlinear water waves, swimming and flying in nature, biomechanics, info research method, and propulsion hydrodynamics. The papers honor the numerous accomplishments of Professor Wu in Engineering technological know-how at Caltech, rather within the parts of nonlinear waves, hydrodynamics, biomechanics and wave-structure interplay. They evaluate the current state-of-the-art of engineering mechanics, and chart the way forward for the sector from the perspective of civil engineering, biomechanics, geophysics, mechanical engineering, naval structure, ocean, and offshore engineering. the first objective of this ebook is to supply tips and idea for these drawn to carrying on with to boost engineering mechanics into the twenty first century. to cite Professor Wu: "The price of a booklet booklet lies in disseminating new wisdom attained with attempt and commitment from all those that take part, and in having the worthy effects inside of prepared succeed in of scholars and researchers actively operating within the field."

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It can be seen that unstable sidebands grow and then oscillate as they exchange energy with the carrier wave. However, over longer times, both the side-bands and the carrier wave decay due to random scattering. For larger values of 0, monotonic decay due to radiation damping dominates the evolution after a short time. Indeed, for K = 1, Eq. 5. More numerical examples of nonlinear evolution with localization can be found in Mei & Hancock''. When long-crested Stokes waves pass over an elongated area of random seabed, diffraction occurs.

PIHL, MATHEW HANCOCK & YILE LI Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA Dedicated to Professor Theodore Y-T. Wu on his 80th birthdag We apply the method of multiple scales for studying nonlinear dispersive waves through a weakly random medium. Specifically for a nearly periodic wave the evolution equation is a Schrodinger equation with a complex damping term. For transient long waves in shallow water, the result is a KdV equation with additional terms representing diffusion and modification of the phase velocity and dispersion.

This process, including the retarding effect of the wall, should be studied by simulation. For students and researchers interested in initiating a detailed investigation of cavity flows, the review paper by Wu (1972) and the books by Robertson (1965) and Brennen (1995) are good starting points. Finally, the author’s dedication to his colleague, Ted Wu, is included in the Appendix 24 of this book. Acknowledgement. The author wishes to thank Prof. Yoshinobu Tsujimoto of Osaka University for drawing his attention to this problem and for providing stimulating discussion and references.

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