Meg Cabot's All-American Girl 02 Ready on Not PDF

By Meg Cabot

ISBN-10: 0060724501

ISBN-13: 9780060724504

ISBN-10: 0060724528

ISBN-13: 9780060724528

ISBN-10: 0060796014

ISBN-13: 9780060796013

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Your room. Oh, really? You’re going to Do It in front of Raggedy Ann and Mr. Snuffles? I think not. And the number-one place people commonly lose their virginity: 1. Camp David. Well, okay, maybe this isn’t the place where most people lose their virginity. But it’s apparently the place where I’m going to lose mine. 3 The thing is, I have an ace in the hole (whatever that means. Something good, anyway). And that ace is Mom and Dad. Because NO WAY are Mom and Dad going to let me skip Thanksgiving at Grandma’s to go away with my boyfriend.

Maybe all of them. In any case, they were cool about it, not staring or giggling or being all Johnson Family Vacation about it or anything. Not that I’d expected them to, seeing as how they were all adults, and artists, besides. I mean, you sort of expect artists to behave with a modicum (SAT word meaning “a small quantity”) more dignity than, say, your average, non-artist adult. ” Susan called to someone who’d been hanging around the back of the room, “Terry? ” Terry, a tall, thin guy in his twenties, came ambling over to the platform, wearing, for some reason, nothing but a bathrobe.

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All-American Girl 02 Ready on Not by Meg Cabot

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