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By Alison Walsh

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'That was once my punishment: to have left them - Mary-Pat, June, Pius and my little Rosie - and but introduced them with me in my middle, the place i'll by no means allow them to go.'

Nearly thirty years after their mother's disappearance, the O'Connor youngsters nonetheless undergo the scars of her leaving. Mary-Pat pushes her circle of relatives more and more away. June quietly lives her personal lie. Pius has close himself off from the area, whereas Rosie has spent the previous ten years denying who she is.

When Rosie returns to the small city the place they grew as much as get married, she awakens previous ghosts. because the siblings are compelled to confront the explanation their mom left all these years in the past, they start to understand that for issues to be fastened, first they must be broken.

And for his or her mom, time has no longer erased the discomfort of leaving them.

All That I depart Behind is the tale of a family members torn aside by means of ardour, and the clash among love and responsibility.

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