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By Wallace Stegner

ISBN-10: 0140154418

ISBN-13: 9780140154412

Joe Allston, the retired literary agent of Stegner's nationwide booklet Award-winning novel, The Spectator poultry, returns during this disquieting and keenly saw novel. Scarred by means of the mindless loss of life in their son and baffled through the engulfing chaos of the Sixties, Allston and his spouse, Ruth, have left the coast for a California retreat. And even though their new domestic appears like Eden, it additionally has serpents: Jim Peck, a messianic exponent of substances, yoga, and intercourse; and Marian Catlin, an enticing younger girl whose otherworldly innocence is much extra appealing—and way more harmful.

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She stopped, leaning uphill with one hand on her knee. Without turning her head she said, “Oh, Joe, you know! You couldn’t miss it. There are so many of them it makes you think it’s something they can’t help. ” It was the same note she had struck when Curtis took up surfing: Anyway it’s a healthier life than that zoo down in the Village. And look, I almost said to her, how that came out. Her face, usually perky and sharp and amused, looked tired, and she went on putting one foot after the other up the hill with her eyes on the toes of her shoes.

Presumably he was afraid I was going to invade his privacy. If he had acknowledged me, I might have gone on down and offered to help him get squared away. He didn’t, and I didn’t. Rather irritably, I drove on. We did not see him again for ten days, though I observed that he had done some clearing in the little flat. Then one Saturday we heard the sound of hammering, and when I walked down for the mail I saw two motorcycles parked under the bay tree and Peck and a fellow beard building a platform of some kind across in the cleared space.

The touch on the lips that brought us fully awake did not happen until last March. 2 Ordinarily this is not good walking country. In wet weather the adobe is like tar, and through the summer and early fall the open country is unpleasant with barbed and prickly seeds. In those seasons our walking is confined to roads and lanes. But when a rain or two has flattened the weeds and started the new grass without soaking the ground, then cross-country walking can be marvelous. Last year, as this, the rains came early, and in October you would have seen us any afternoon, bald head following white head, country corduroy behind country tweed, me brandishing a blackthorn stick that an Irish poet once left at the apartment, starting through the Shieldses’ pasture fence.

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